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MOONS’ signed contract in November, 2014 to officially participate in the grand project of FAST, the world’s largest Spherical Radio Telescope. MOONS’ will support this giant Telescope in its active reflector system through the outstanding performance of MOONS’ stepper motors & motor drives, providing all-weather assurance and reliable, accurate motion control underneath the 500 meter aperture active spherical reflector, which could realize to form a transient 300 meter parabolic dish under real time control.
The 20th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
Date:9th -12th Jun, 2015
Exhibits:Indoor Lighting Control System, Outdoor Lighting Control System, High voltage/Constant Power Series, Intelligent Power Series, and...
2015 World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference
Date:3rd -6th Jun, 2015
Exhibits:Linear stepper motor, Injection stepper motor, Brushless motor, High accuracy stepper servo system, PBC linear axis
Date:20th -22nd May, 2015
Exhibits:Linear stepper motor, Thin stepper motor, Dual stepper motor, Injection stepper motor, M2 AC Servo system, Stepper Servo syste...
    ME035A035AQD Constant Current Output
      • Input voltage range:176-264 VAC
    • High efficiency:87% typical
    • Active PFC:0.97 typical
    • Lightning protection
    • IP67 Compliant
    • Protec...
      MOONS’ introduces MSHD, the next-generation high-performance servo. MSHD features innovative technologies that deliver high performance, extensive...
    口42 & 口57BLDC Motor
      ● Wide range of speed and smooth output torque
    ● Excellent speed stability
    ● High power with small frame size and excellent efficiency
    Integrated Step Servo Motor-SSM
      The SSM line of integrated step-servo motors combines servo technology with an integrated motor to create a ....
    14HK 0.9° Hybrid Stepper Motors
      The winding resistance of these new motors is nearly 30% lower than other motors with the same thickness and output-torque. In addition, the appli...
    Solutions for Outdoor Applications
      Motors used in outdoor environments, such as in aircraft, marine, automotive, antenna, or solar equipment applications, are often subject to high h...
    Stepper Motor - Controller Integrated
      The STM series is Moons’ line of integrated stepper motors. The stepper motor and driver are combined into a single unit, offering significant sav...
    New NEMA 8 Miniature Hybrid Stepper Motor
      Where size and torque is an important factor, there is the new NEMA 8 miniature hybrid stepper motor 8HY2xx and 8HY4xx with the flange dimensions 2...
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